In a world where a single mistake can stick with you for the rest of your life, it is not uncommon to have a pesky criminal record rear its ugly head just when you thought that your life was back on track. You may have thought that stupid thing you did in college was long gone, but now that you are seeking professional licensing the past can come back to haunt you.

Recently, Attorney Griffiths appeared before the Division of Professional Licensure in order to represent the interests of a client who was looking to sit for the journeyman plumbing test. This individual had made mistakes in the past, taken responsibility for them, and was ready to embark on a career in plumbing. The only thing standing in his way was a hearing before the state's nine man plumbing board.

With years of education and apprenticeship experience under his belt, it was imperative for our client that his hard work not go to waste. Instead of taking on the daunting task of explaining his past all alone, he hired Attorney Griffiths to frame his past indiscretions and rehabilitation in a way that would be clear to the board. After a hearing, they agreed that our client had changed his life, and he walked out with an approved application and the right to take the journeyman test.

Very often, clients have no idea that they are entitled to have an attorney present when they have an administrative licensing hearing before any of the 39 boards that make up the Division of Professional Licensure.  In fact, regardless of the license that you are seeking, you are permitted to have an attorney speak for you in any hearing before any board.

Are you looking to get a license from the state but have been informed that you must appear before a board in order to explain your criminal record? Don't go in alone, we can help! Your future deserves to be taken seriously, and with an experienced attorney and some careful preparation you give yourself the best chance of being successful at your hearing. Contact Attorney Griffiths at or (617) 505-1569 for a FREE consultation.

Article by Johanna Griffiths

Attorney Griffiths represents clients in criminal and landlord tenant matters, and has appeared in district court throughout the state of Massachusetts. She relies on her years of experience and expertise to get the best possible results, and strives to provide the support and positivity that clients need to get through a difficult time.