Larceny by Scheme


Multiple Larcenies Combined into Cne

Larceny by Scheme is a larceny that occurs over multiple dates. Just like a regular larceny;

“Whoever steals, or with intent to defraud obtains by a false pretence, or whoever unlawfully, and with intent to steal or embezzle, converts, or secretes with intent to convert, the property of another as defined in this section, whether such property is or is not in his possession at the time of such conversion or secreting, shall be guilty of larceny…”

What separates Larceny by Single Scheme from a regular larceny charge is the stealing takes place over multiple days and you maintain a single, continuing intent to steal. The point is that the theft was a part of single, ongoing scheme.

Also, just like with regular larceny, the amount that is alleged to have been stolen determines whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. An amount under $250 will result in a misdemeanor charge, and amounts of $250 or more will be charged as a felony.

Larceny by Scheme is typically charged to combine multiple events into a single charge (someone who shoplifts from the same store on multiple days). Instead of charging for each individual instance of larceny police or prosecutors will sometimes merge separate larcenies into a single charge of Larceny by Scheme.

Larceny by Scheme is also used to combine multiple larcenies that separately would only be misdemeanors and combine the alleged amount stolen to cross the  $250 line and be a felony.

We typically see a charge of larceny by scheme where there is shoplifting from a store, and the defendant later returns to the store to try and return the stolen items for cash or store credit.

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