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I’m Being Pulled Over for Drunk Driving … What Do I Do?

There are few feelings worse than having a police cruiser behind you, lights flashing, after you have made the poor decision to get behind the wheel of your car after having a few drinks or more. At that point, what’s done is done and you need to think quickly about protecting yourself against the considerable consequences of even a first conviction for OUI…

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CORI Sealing Updates Effective Oct. 14th

The Criminal Justice Reform Act supplied much needed changes to numerous aspects of criminal justice here in Massachusetts, many of which have just gone into effect. Here is a quick cheat sheet of the changes that are happening including provisions regarding CORI Sealing and what employers are allowed to seek during the hiring process.

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Why Get a Lawyer for a Clerk Magistrate Hearing?

When seeking help for a Clerk Magistrate hearing, potential clients inevitably ask whether they really need to hire a lawyer for the hearing, or if is something they can do on their own? My answer is naturally the same every time –  if you want to make the most out of the only opportunity to avoid a criminal record, hire an attorney now…

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MA House Votes to Reform Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system in Massachusetts moved towards reform as the House of Representatives in the Massachusetts General Court passed a bill on Tuesday. The proposed bill provides greater protections for juveniles (ages 7-17) that encounter the criminal justice system. Among the legislation passed through the House includes laws allowing individuals the ability to expunge […]